How to Become an Amazon Product Tester? Unlocking Opportunities

In this digital age, the power of customer reviews cannot be underestimated. They provide valuable insights to potential buyers and help businesses enhance their products. If you’re interested in sharing your opinions and getting your hands on free or discounted products, you might wonder how to become an Amazon product tester. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, step by step.

What Is Amazon Product Testing?

Amazon product testing is a program that allows individuals to receive products for free or at a significant discount in exchange for providing honest and unbiased reviews. This mutually beneficial arrangement helps sellers get valuable feedback, while reviewers get access to exciting products. Also read: How Old Do You Have to Be an Amazon Product Tester?

Why Become an Amazon Product Tester?

Becoming an Amazon product tester comes with several perks. You can access new and innovative products before they hit the market, contribute to product development, and establish yourself as a trusted reviewer.

How to Become an Amazon Product Tester

To embark on this exciting journey, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an Amazon Account

If you don’t already have one, start by creating an Amazon account. Ensure it’s complete with your accurate contact and payment information.

Step 2: Build a Strong Reviewer Profile

To stand out to sellers, you’ll need a compelling reviewer profile. Start by reviewing products you’ve previously purchased. Be detailed, honest, and helpful in your reviews.

Step 3: Join Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program for top reviewers. Keep building your profile, and you may receive an invitation to join.

Step 4: Explore Third-Party Reviewer Websites

Several websites connect product testers with sellers. Sign up on platforms like AMZDiscover, Snagshout, or Vipon to access product testing opportunities.

Step 5: Apply for Product Testing

Visit the “Amazon Early Reviewer Program” or specific product listings labeled “Amazon Vine” or “Amazon’s Choice.” Apply to test products you’re genuinely interested in.

Step 6: Write High-Quality Reviews

Once you receive a product, thoroughly test it and provide a comprehensive review. Highlight its features, pros, and cons to help potential buyers make informed decisions.


Q: Can I become an Amazon product tester without any prior reviews?

Absolutely! While having a strong reviewer profile helps, you can start by reviewing products you’ve purchased to build credibility.

Q: Are there any costs involved in becoming a product tester?

No, Amazon product testing programs are free to join. You receive products at a discount or for free.

Q: How can I increase my chances of receiving product testing opportunities?

Building a detailed and honest reviewer profile, actively reviewing products, and participating in Amazon Vine can enhance your chances.

Q: Is it essential to leave a positive review to continue receiving products?

No, honesty is key. Provide unbiased feedback, and sellers will appreciate your authenticity.

Q: Are there any product categories that offer more testing opportunities?

Electronics, beauty products, and home goods are popular categories for testing opportunities, but various categories exist.

Q: Can I become a tester for Amazon’s own products?

Yes, Amazon often invites trusted reviewers to test their in-house products like Kindle devices and Echo speakers.


Becoming an Amazon product tester is an exciting venture that combines your love for trying new products with the opportunity to share your insights with the world. By following these steps and building a reputable reviewer profile, you can unlock a world of product testing opportunities. Start your journey today and be part of the influential community of Amazon product testers.

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