Amazon Product Tester

Amazon is a giant e-commerce setup dealing with multiple businesses, such as cloud computing, digital products, and advertisement. Its main focus is to provide the users with the best shopping experience with their promotional offers and ease of use. Due to its services, almost everyone knows its name globally; that’s undoubtedly its success in the e-commerce business. Due to broader work, they need an Amazon product tester. Yes, it looks awkward, but you can earn handsome bucks by testing their products.

The scope of Amazon product tester online is much as Amazon is expanding its business regularly. In short, you will get a win-win experience if you become a product tester with Amazon. It’s a superb gig to earn money and become a skilled product tester anywhere in the world. Don’t worry! Our primary focus here is to provide details about the product tester from home, the product tester job, and everything necessary about it. Let’s learn more!

Amazon Product Tester Overview

As the name suggests, an Amazon product tester’s job is to review the product in detail and check its reliability and performance according to the targeted product. Remember that it’s a job but can be paid or unpaid depending on the company or the organization you join. It is usually categorized as Free Amazon products and Compensations further in paid and unpaid versions.

In today’s digital era, finding the right product is a challenging side hustle. Most importantly, providing the right product to the customers is the real deal where product testers come into play. Reviewing products online is not a big deal because Amazon can read the reviews across millions of websites on its own. However, you have to check, analyze, and review the product in reality.

This job is not abundant because it’s not for everyone, and you are rewarded for your time. Amazingly, you share reviews and beg them for free or get discounts in return.

Is Amazon Product Testing A Paid Job?

Recall that not all the companies, sellers, or Amazon pay you always for testing the products. However, there are different ways to utilize and get rewards in return for putting in the effort as a product tester. If you want to be an influencer, the Amazon gig reviewer will hire you for the product review or tester, and it’s a great way to make money through this routine. In short, it depends on the path you choose, whether you will make money as a tester or not.

Amazon Product Tester and Influencer

The product tester and influencer do the same job in different ways. A product tester might test Amazon products by writing on the web or making a video. But if you are on social media with plenty of followers, you can work as the product tester, but influencers earn more than others.

As an influencer, you have a loyal relationship with your followers, and you review products by making a video on your social media. This way, Amazon gets sales, and you earn money in return for their promotion. If you want to become an Amazon product tester or product influencer, you can visit Tomeson, Social Fabric, and Activate for this purpose. Don’t forget to read the Amazon guidelines in this regard.

If you sign up through the above-mentioned website, they help you connect with the right company to get paid in return for their products. You also get free products, money, compensation, and much more.

Top Website To Become Amazon Product Tester – Five Best

If you want to join Amazon as a product tester, you have to join the third-party websites that pay you to do this job. Recall that you have to choose the way by which you want to advertise or review their products. Here, check out the trusted websites below:

  1. Amazon Vine Program

It’s an amazing give-away program initiated by the Amazon authorities. The experts research for reliable online reviewers online and send their products to them free of cost. They advise them to give unbiased reviews after using the products. After that, the program allows users to join them based on the product reviews on their reviewers rank.

So, how do they benefit from them? They leave reviews on Amazon products, and it helps future customers to buy things after reading the unbiased reviews. Congratulations! If you are ready to review products, join this program, and Amazon will send you free products.

Some people think that the Vine program only needs positive reviews for their products. But, they want the customers to leave helpful reviews for the upcoming customers to help them purchase the right one in a good way. That’s why the Amazon Vine program is very helpful for product testers and customers.

  1. Vipon

These third-party websites deeply focus on Amazon and give awareness to the audience with different coupon codes. The deals may go up to 50% discount on certain Amazon categories, i.e., women’s clothing, baby, office products, and more. First, you have to join Vipon and shop your favorite Amazon products at a discount.

Vipon doesn’t provide you with money to review the products. You copy the coupon code and get paid for the product review at Amazon merchandise. When you join the Vipon Amazon and review the product, Amazon ranks you based on your reviews. In return, you get a huge discount on buying products under Vipon.

  1. Rebaid

Get free stuff with Rebaid, as here the discount is up to 100%. Hurry! First, find the products on Rebaid, click, and check out at Amazon. After that, they will send you a rebate payment to get a 100% discount. Redeem the discount code, confirm the purchases, and get a rebate payment immediately under the Amazon product testing program.

  1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the biggest affiliate program by Amazon, where you earn a percentage by selling each product under a specific category. In short, it’s a program where you work on a commission basis. For this purpose, you have to create a website and review products with the right details. If you are a blogger, don’t miss this opportunity to become an Amazon tester and earn a specific commission under each category. Usually, this commission goes from 3%-20%, but the authorities update it according to their terms and conditions.

  1. Snagshout

If you want to save money as a tester, Snagshout offers you a huge discount on all Amazon products. The prices are the lowest, but you can only pay via PayPal. Here, you can enjoy free deals as a product tester, and don’t forget to leave an unbiased review after that.

Do Amazon Testers Get Free Stuff From Amazon?

The answer depends on the type of program you join. If you have joined the Amazon Vine program, you will get free products to review, but you have to give unbiased reviews in return. However, you don’t have to pay for the product you receive. So, it depends on the program type and nature whether you will get free stuff from Amazon.

Are Amazon Product Testers Authorized?

Are Amazon product testers legit? It’s a hot question asked before joining the Amazon earning programs as a product reviewer. Remember that whatever product tester program you join, you have to pass through the official review program under Amazon, such as Amazon Vine.

They take care of certain things about the person, about the website, or about the content you are creating to grab the customers. They have certain Amazon terms of service (ToS) to become an Amazon tester program. Therefore, we can say that the product testers on Amazon are legit in some ways.

Product Tester Job

If you visit career websites like Indeed, you will see Amazon looking for product testers. So, Amazon product tester jobs are legit. Now, the question is how much you can make as a product tester. Usually, a start-up can earn up to $500 per month by reviewing and testing products for the customers in terms of discounts and commissions. It might increase depending on the program you join, your followers, and some other aspects of the program.

Product Tester from Home

You can also work as an Amazon product tester from home. For this purpose, you have to join the Amazon Vine program. The Amazon expert sends you free products to your home, and you have to give unbiased reviews in return. Usually, influencers share short videos with product reviews on their social media platforms. It’s a great way to become a product tester from home.

Amazon Product Tester Online

Now, you can earn money by reviewing Amazon products online in different ways. The first way is to join the Amazon Vine program, get products for free, and give unbiased reviews on your social media platform. Besides, you can be a blogger, give reviews by creating the website, and earn money as a product review (as commission). Other mentioned programs also fall in the Amazon online product tester categories.


In conclusion, it’s all about Amazon product testing. Becoming a product tester online is highly beneficial because it’s not like a tough job, staying in the office and providing work. It’s fun, but it depends on your selected program whether you will get paid or not. Similarly, if you want a free product, Amazon Vine is the best program; otherwise, join another program depending on your conditions. Lastly, always read the terms and conditions before joining any of the mentioned programs to prevent further issues.


Do Amazon testers get paid or not?

It usually depends on the program you join. If you join, you get free Amazon products for review. Similarly, other programs give you a huge discount on Amazon products. Lastly, the Amazon associates program allows you to earn money as a commission after selling their products.

What is an Amazon Product Tester?

An Amazon product tester online is a person reviewing or giving feedback about Amazon products by making a video on their social media or writing reviews on a website.

Does Amazon allow product testing?

Of course, certain programs are running under Amazon authorities that pay people to review their products. So, amazon product tester jobs are legit.

How do I become an Amazon product tester?

First, review all the mentioned programs by Amazon and read their terms and conditions (ToS) to prevent further issues. Choose any of them depending on your resources, expertise, and ease.

In summary, Amazon Vine acts as a bridge between customers seeking honest reviews and sellers looking to showcase their products. It promotes transparency and trust within the Amazon community while ensuring that reviews remain unbiased and informative.